Tenth Street Press, Do Not Feed The Clown

Burning Flower Press, Notes From The Bonfire
Burning Flower Press, Feast of Sapphires
Burning Flower Press, Butterflies Lost Within The Crooked Moonlight
Burning Flower Press, From The Fridge To The Crackerjack Box

Moher Books Anthology, 200 Comedy Writers and Standups Walk Into A Book
Points In Case, Confessions of a Potted Plant
Glossy News, Coronavirus: Scenes From the New Musical

Humor Times, Pandemic Forces Governor to Ban Group Sex
Robot Butt, Insensitivity Training at Dunkin' Donuts

Humor Times, Michael Bloomberg Campaign Strategy Revealed
Points In Case, Brutally Honest Marketing Copy

Points In Case, In Defense of Sorority Slang
The Satirist, A Misanthropic Guide To The Holidays

The Daily Squib, Children Beg To Be Returned To Cages
The People's Cube, Suicide Is In Again

Points In Case, Satanwater Destructive Capital Management
The Higgs-Weldon, Rejection Letters For Famous Authors

Points In Case, Trump vs. America The Boxing Match of the Century
Points In Case, 10 Literary Rejection Letters To Famous Dead Authors

Humor Times, Royal Rumble Tarnishes President Trump's Inauguration
Humor Times, Formerly Priceless Commodity, Love, Now Traded on NYSE

Humor Times, Ron Paul's Shocking Proposal To Limit Illegal Immigration
Humor Times, Oscars Take Final Bow: Academy Retires

Humor Times, CEO of NRA Insists Armed Guards Can Stop Global Warming
Humor Times, New Evidence Suggests The Garden of Eden is in Boca Raton

Humor Times, New Social Networking Site, AIDS, Spreading Rapidly

Krax Magazine, Reconstructing The Intellectual
American Drivel Review, Mr. Dynamite's Mystery Fondue (read here)

Poetry and Covid, Get In The Bunker, The Day I Got Dumped, Wear Your Mask
New York's Best Emerging Poets 2019, Birds Singing In My Chest
Spirit First Editor's Choice Award 2018, If We Are Doomed

Gravitas, Vol 19, issue 2, Postcard, We Go On
The Organic Poet, Yes

PITTOC Anthology Volume 2, When The World Ended
Poetry In The Time of Coronavirus Anthology, Covid 19

Oxford Magazine, End of Romance
Evening Street Review, Vol 21, Down For The Count

Torrid Literature Journal, Vol XXII, Weekend Getaway
The East Bay Review, Earth Day

The Hungry Chimera, After The Elephants Roam in Your Soup, Anticipation
FishFood Magazine, How You Like My Facade

Clockwise Cat, Stranger In Your Own Home, Adjunct
New Plains Review, Writing On The LIRR

RAW Journal of Arts, Postulations
The Wire's Dream, Hermit on the Subway

Parentheses Literary Journal, Snowed-In Soul
Courtship of Winds, Intelligence of the Gym, Hunter Among Shadows

Street Light Press, Legs
Crossways Literary Magazine, I Sing

Bitterzoet Magazine, Stranger In Your Own Home, 3D Eyebrows
The Ibis Head Review, Sanctity of Impulse

Foliate Oak, When An Angel Falls
Quail Bell Magazine, If We Are Doomed, Hermit on the Subway

Gravel Magazine, Agonies & Bliss
The Poet's Republic, Fringe Edition, I Sing

Grain Magazine, Paradox (read here)
Antigonish Review, Flirt (read here)

Dash, Begin Where You End (read here)

Arsenic Lobster, Annotations, Preparations
The Charles Carter, Sick, Inquiry, The Dewdrops of Death, Twilight Reverie

Ravens Perch, Tompkins Square, Pregnancy, Intelligence of the Gym
Spillway, At The Funeral, Best Friend

Stepping Stones Magazine, Flirt

Pif Magazine, The Wish

Timber Creek Review, Generation Voyage
Downtown Brooklyn Vol. 17, The End of The Poem

Downtown Brooklyn Vol. 22, The Endless Blanket, Immigrant Love Story
Downtown Brooklyn Vol. 26, Tinseltown Hierarchy, Report Card, Charlatans

Freefall, NG Tube (read here)
Prism Quarterly, Because, Lake Tahoe

Tule Review, Self-Portrait
Clark Street Review, Memories

Pegasus, Outside Hotel Gansevoort
Red Owl Mag., Last Drop Where The Answers Are (paper)

Westward Quarterly, Last Drop Is Where The Answers Are
Northern Stars Magazine, Generation Voyage, At Funeral

Words of Wisdom, The End of The Poem (paper)
The Storyteller, Until

Illogical Muse, December, Soul Mate
Dream Fantasy International, Presence, Candles

Black Book Press, Farewell, Presence

Beautiful Losers, Valley of Darkness

The Binnacle, The Visitation
Fear of Monkeys, Song of Doom

In Recovery Magazine, Tough Luck
The Wagon Magazine, Beyond The Bogus Parade

New Works Review, Retirement
Void Magazine, Into The Lake

Tell It Again Stories, No Place Like Home (paper)
Downtown Brooklyn, Bardo, Bardo

Transcendent Visions, Lobster Dreams

Medium, What "Joker" Tells Us About Comedy Today
Lighter Side, How To Remain Optimistic During A Pandemic

Mic, Private Prisons: A Criminal Injustice
The Poetry Question, The Power of Poetry #72

Write To Done, Is Outlining the Last Refuge of A Bad Writer?
The Art of Healing, The Benefits of Laughter (read here)

ATSP, Why Writing Poetry Is Valuable
Mic, Reinstate Federal Assault Weapons Ban

Medium, Political Correctness And The Decimation of Comedy
GVP Report, Reinstate Federal Assault Weapons Ban

World of Psychology, The Benefits of Laughter (read here)
Mic, Why We Need A More Open Immigration Policy

Mic, Flag Burning Is A Freedom We Must Respect
Mic, Keep The Legal Drinking Age 21

Mic, 10 Legit Ways To Travel The World With 0$
New York Post, Dating For Dharma

Writer's Digest, Platforms of Yore, (contributing writer)
Medium, Time Management For Creative Types

Medium, Networking Secrets
Medium, Andy Kaufman Is The Key To Understanding Donald Trump

Medium, Rachel Dolezal Is My Hero
Medium, Is Bell Delphine Bath Water Worth 30$A Bottle?

Medium, Why Is Kim Kardashian Famous?
Medium, On Failure: An Inspirational Essay

Medium, A Guide To Essential Literary Terms
Medium, Adventures In Budapest

Medium, P-Cubed Pick-Pocket Proof Traveler Pants

Medium, London Battle Royal
Medium, How To Make A Memorable Speech

Medium, Vienna Day & Night
Medium, Top Ten European Cultural Differences

Medium, The Violence At Sandy Hook Compels Us To Act Now

Judy Brown, Joke Express


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