Notes From The Bonfire

Poems In The Age of Coronavirus
Notes From The Bonfire is Matt Nagin’s third poetry collection, a multimedia extravaganza, with photography by Andrzej Jerzy Lech and illustrations by Natasha Yearwood. In March of 2020, Matt came down with coronavirus and wrote these poems during the five weeks he was trying to recover. They cover a range of subjects, although the overarching theme is the dystopian suffering unleashed by this global pandemic. The book includes work previously published in Gravitas, The Organic Poet, and Poetry In The Time Of Coronavirus. Finally, the book is called Notes From The Bonfire for a number of reasons. One of those is we're hoping the cataclysmic fires of 2020 can be transformed into more of a purifying, celebratory bonfire. Additionally, the hope is that a few notes can be salvaged from all the wreckage, the chaos and destruction, that can make all we’ve endured more tolerable. A portion of all proceeds from book sales will be donated to Doctors Without Borders.

PD Dawson writes the first review for NOTES FROM THE BONFIRE
Matt Nagin explains in the prologue the struggles and dire times he went through whilst coming down with the Coronavirus in New York City, surrounded by many held to a similar fate in the city. These poems are indeed dark but peppered with truth, the kind to which all poets should aspire. And poetry needn't be inspirational and full of hope, for sometimes wallowing in darkness is the only way to find strength and come out into the light ... Immediately accessible and paradoxically cryptic, Nagin's poetry goes shallow and then deep, clear and then murky. Sometimes he says it like it is, and other times there are swathes of innuendos and allegories, but never does it falter from truths, whether personal or universal. I enjoyed this collection for its honesty, its unapologetic bleakness and also for its atmospheric illustrations and photography throughout. Its author wrote it in the age of coronavirus, but really, it speaks to the human condition in hard times, irrespective of that which inflicts it. Read the full review here.


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