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P.D. Dawson writes: Immediately accessible and paradoxically cryptic, Nagin's poetry goes shallow and then deep, clear and then murky. Sometimes he says it like it is, and other times there are swathes of innuendos and allegories, but never does it falter from truths, whether personal or universal". Read the full review here.

Bookaholic Bex writes: "This book engendered real thought and triggered an array of emotions." Read the full review here.

James Israel, Editor of The Humor Times writes: "This book will make you feel like you dropped acid, fell into a rabbit hole, and entered a kaleidoscopic world of hilarity."

Ferris Butler, former writer for SNL writes "Nagin's short essays mix Frank Zappa, Lewis J. Carrolll, and Monty Python together with a post-beatnik wacky introspection. An automatic attitude adjuster for those who wish to use comedy to feel good and relieved of woes."

D.B. Frick writes, for, "Do Not Feed The Clown is something undeniably funny and inconceivably different...[Matt] has a knack for playing with concepts that anyone can identify with but goes in a direction no other mind would dare." Read the full review here.

Simon Gary writes "If Lenny Bruce were alive and writing in 2020, this might be a book that he would create." Read the full review

Divyanshi Sharma, Editor of The Mystic Words writes: "Matt knows very well how to hide satire behind unparalleled comic lines." Read the full review here

Joy Corkery at Joyful Antidotes asks: "Do any of you know the comedian Jimmy Carr? If you like his fearlessness in saying whatever he wants, then this is a good book for you." Read the full review

Paper Plane Nomad calls
Do Not Feed The Clown "A quick and hilarious group is safe from Nagin's brand of sarcastic wit." Read the full review here.

Lisa's Writopia states "Matt Nagin is at times politically incorrect and irreverent, but he is always funny." Read the full review here.

Lynn DeLong at 4 Hearts Press concludes "Matt Nagin takes irreverent shots at society at large. Challenging the system, this book is great for any parody, dark humor reader." Read the full review here.

Bethany at Writing Werewolf writes "It's a very dry humour, balanced on the precipice of dark and outright offensive, but Nagin pulls it off well and manages to satirise even the most untouchable of topics." Read the full review here.

Matt McAvoy wrote: "Nagin feels his work, writing it with gritted teeth, through a pen as sharp as a razor, and his cynicism is smart and infectious. Poetry of the highest quality." Read the full review here

Kirkus Review wrote: "A poetic feast as surprising as it is satisfying." Read the full review here

Lisa Binion of Lisa's Writopia proclaimed: "If you are a lover of poetry, you'll really enjoy what's inside this book." Read the full review here

Jim Bennett's Reviews said: "Nagin's work easily gets four stars. Highly recommended." Read the full review here.

Jessica Belmont wrote: "I love the diversity of topics covered and the intensity in which each word cuts through the page...a fantastic collection of poetry...I'm off to read it for the fifth time." (5 stars) Read the full review here

P.D. Dawson wrote: "With his poetry, Matt Nagin seeks to inform, infiltrate, and discover the mind, and does so with a very human and caring heart. I thoroughly recommend this collection of poetry and consider it to be one of the best I've read in a while." (5 stars) Read the full review here.


Kirkus Review writes of "Butterflies Lost Within The Crooked Moonlight," "Nagin’s verse is a torrent, and readers will thrill as it carries them off." Read the full review here, see print version here.

Reader's Favorite writes: "You can feel the frenetic energy...Nagin delivers in stark and jarring completeness." Read the full review here.  

Bill Garry found "Butterflies Lost Within The Crooked Moonlight" to be the work of a "conflicted, incongruous -- and brilliant -- mind". Read the full review at Bill Garry's Reviews.

Jim Bennett gives "Butterflies Lost Within The Crooked Moonlight" 5 stars, comparing the book to Auden and Frost!!! Read it here

"Butterflies Lost Within The Crooked Moonlight" has been deemed "a must read" by Katie Lewington. Read the review here

Louis Cecile gave "Butterflies Lost Within The Crooked Moonlight" 4 stars, writing "There is a confidence that shines from the poet that is evident from the beginning of this collection." Read the full review here.

Lisa's Writopia declares that the collection "digs deep into the emotional realm" and "you should find at least a handful [of] poems that speak to you." Read the full review here


Richard Propes of the of The Independent Film Critic called "Inside Job" "Weirdly wonderful" and more! Read the full review here.

Bill Garry of Discover Hollywood Magazine reviewed the short film that I wrote and directed, "Inside Job," calling it "'The Wolf off Wall Street' on crack." Read the full review here.

Kirk Fernwood of One Film Fan called "Inside Job" "freakily engaging." Read the full review here.

Zachary Flint of The Great Movie Debates felt "Inside Job" was "very humorous ... [and] worth watching." Read the full review here


Alexis Yoo of Stagebuddy called Woolly Mammoth Panic Attack "uproarious...a stellar success." Read the full review here.

Lee Levitt of The Jewish Chronicle gave the show four stars and called it "brilliantly irreverent" and "sublimely funny." Read the full review here

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