The New York City Crime Report, episode: Polite Hate Crime
Pat Dixon talks to Matt about anti-Semitic hate crimes, James Polite, the NYPD, swastikas, dyslectic Nazis, Female genital mutilation, and streaming TV.

The New York City Crime Report, episode: Ignominious Pat Dixon and Matt Nagin discuss gun violence in New York City.

The Dean Andrews Podcast Show, episode: Matt Nagin
Dean talks to Matt about LSD flashbacks, how much it sucks to be in a cult, the insanity of living in New York City, and sleeping with the enemy.

The Ed Tyll Show, Feb 9 2021 with Matt Nagin
Irate audience member at the Edinburgh Comedy Festival.

The Ed Tyll Show, May 10, 2020
Do Not Feed The Clown interview.

He Said What Podcast: Playing It Cool With Matt Nagin
Melissa Diamond talks to Matt about May-December romances, getting out of the friendzone, orbiting, texting, and modern relationships. 

The Gary Hour: Writing and Creating in Many Forms with Matt Nagin
Gary Levitt talks to Matt about writing in its many forms, self-destruction, comedy, creativity, and insanity.

For Gut Sake Podcast: Comedian with Crohn’s Disease Shares Two Unexpected Keys To Remission
Matt discusses how humor and faith helped him on his healing journey.

Audio Henchmen, episode: Matt Nagin’s Hospital Adventure
Matt sets the mic on fire talking about the healthcare industry and the lack of care he received during his latest visit to the ER. WARNING!!! This episode contains strong adult language.

Audio Henchmen, episode: Matt Nagin, Scorpio Rising
Matt and Dusty discuss the madness of the entertainment industry and trends in politics and culture. With music by Scorpio Rising.

Kill The Cat Radio: Two Mics – S. 1 EP. 20 Matt Nagin
Matt and Matt discuss Southern hospitality, education, and comedy.

About IBD — Making Crohn’s Disease Funny with Matt Nagin
Matt and Amber have a humorous discussion about serious health issues.