Matt Nagin is a comedian and author who creates in various modes…humorous rants, lyrical poems, extended suicide notes (okay, not that last part). Matt has published four books, appeared on two reality shows, acted in numerous TV and Film projects, and performed standup in seven countries. 


Some career highlights include the 2019 publication of his humor book Do Not Feed The Clown by Tenth Street Press, the poem “If We Are Doomed” winning the 2018 Spirit First Editor’s Choice Award, and an appearance on the Amazon series Hunters in a scene with Al Pacino. Other experiences he is grateful for include playing Sgt. Harris on Street Justice: The Bronx, since it gave him an opportunity to meet Ralph Friedman, the most decorated detective in NYPD history, performing his one man show, Woolly Mammoth Panic Attack at the Edinburgh Comedy Festival (a show so licentious it almost gave his mother a stroke), and creating the short film, Inside Job, which won several awards at festivals and lead one critic to deem it: “The Wolf of Wall Street on crack.”


In addition to the above, Matt is grateful for all the strange opportunities the entertainment industry has brought him: he’s appeared on game shows, podcasts, radio programs, his work has been anthologized, he’s performed standup on TV, created a rap video, hosted a film festival, and even was the first person to perform standup in English in Lisbon, Portugal. (The show went great, but that’s probably because Matt’s way funnier when misinterpreted.)


Perhaps most importantly, Matt always tries to help others. He spent several years as a Talent and Show Coordinator for The Gotham Comedy Foundation, a charitable organization that brings comedians into hospitals and senior centers. Matt further has long been involved with the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation, and, in 2019, was granted the Long Island Chapter’s Mission Award. As a thirty-year survivor of Crohn’s disease, Matt’s life is proof of the healing power of laughter.