Matt is a very clever, innovative comic who is playing with the form and getting great results. He will leave his mark. Besides, he just makes me laugh.
-Rick Overton, Emmy Winning Writer, Actor, and Comedian

Matt displayed a natural, highly accessible story-telling talent. He did a great job of staying with the bonds of Jesuit school propriety while presenting a dynamic, engaging routine. I recommend him to perform at any other college that is looking for a respectful and perceptive comedian.
-Gabrielle Guiterrez, Vice President of Student Affairs, Academia Hispania, Fordham University, Rosehill Campus

For a performance at The Garden City Hotel, sponsored by the CCFA, Matt brought his humanity, insight, and, of course, hysterical take on life. His accessibility and strong connection to the audience had our guests howling with laughter and nodding knowingly as they could relate to the truths revealed in his universal themes. 
-Susan Gomberg, Director of Development, CCFA

Matt is able to present the essence of a debate in a clear, succinct way that connects to the reader on both an emotional and logical level. 
-Cathie Whittenburg, Editor GVP Report, States United To Prevent Gun Violence 

Matt is a very talented writer and comedian.
-Janine Avril, Author, Nightlight

Matt has the presence of a comedian on the rise.
-Adam Ullian, Filmmaker/ Creator Yuletide Snapper

Matt and I have appeared on many successful comedy shows over the past ten years. He is a brilliant, compelling comedy talent. Matt is a master of characters that make you laugh out loud. His jokes and performance style are infectiously funny and original.
-Ed Tyll, Comedian & Host of Ed Tyll Show (BIG 810.AM)

Matt was awesome! Super friendly, very talented, took initiative, and was just a pleasure to work with. 
-Claudette Bailon, Event Planner

He did a wonderful job and everyone loved him. He was very professional and he also brought his own ideas to the table. I was very grateful.
-Donavant Samuels, Wedding Organizer

Matt was funny. He is good with people of all ages. Recommended for a family event and a fundraiser. 
-Cathy Wolf, School Administrator/Event Planner

Matt was wonderful. He was so understanding of the needs of my guests. I thank him so much for his wonderful performance. He’s a keeper. Great job, Matt. Beautiful, empowered women love Matt.
-Carmen Tirado-Rodriquez, Fundraising Coordinator (Lupus/Fibromyalgia/Women’s Empowerment)