Logline: A short film about a cult-dominated travel agency.

Film Type: Dark Comedy.

Synopsis: “Inside Job” tells the story of a new intern who finds himself overwhelmed by a licentious, temperamental boss. The intern’s docile co-workers try to coax him into conformity. By the time the intern learns how depraved his co-workers are he tries to escape. But it is too late. They hold him hostage. Insist he participates in a barbarous initiation ritual. The final plot twist proves nothing is quite as it seems.

Info On The Film:

Described by Bill Garry of ‘Discover Hollywood’ as ‘The Wolf of Wall Street on Crack,’ “Inside Job” was further characterized as ‘a dynamic showcase’ with ‘good comedic timing’ that ‘skewer[s] American values.’ “Inside Job” premiered at The Mediterranean Film Festival Cannes, where it won Best Short, and was an Official Selection at The Hoboken International Film Festival.

Rubber Chicken Films is an independent production company that strives to create complex, innovative films. We appreciate dark comedy, farce, screwball comedy, and the blending of genres and aesthetic sensibilities. Our goal is to create quality entertainment that defies expectations, and, ideally, on occasion, makes audiences laugh.


Best Short Film Mediterranean Film Festival Cannes 2016
Best Supporting Actor Nice International Film Festival 2017
Finalist Award Cinema New York City Film Festival 2017
Official Selection Hoboken International Film Festival 2017
Official Selection International Film Festival Manhattan 2017


“Inside Job” got a terrific review from The Independent Critic! “Weirdly wonderful” and more, read it here!

“Inside Job” was reviewed by Zachary Flint  of “The Great Movie Debates,” who described it as “very humorous” and “worth watching.”  Read the full review here.

“Inside Job” got its first review! Bill Garry of Discover Hollywood has described our film as “’The Wolf Of Wall Street’ on Crack” as well as pointing out that it “skewered American values.” He also suggested the film is “a dynamic showcase” with “good comic timing,”  “good direction and production values,” and “first rate lighting, sound and special effects for an indie.” Read the full review here.

“Inside Job was reviewed by Kirk Fernwood, who described it as “freakily engaging” and praised it’s “gritty, over-the-top imagery” and “clever twist of a finale.” He even went on to warn fans to “watch out for rubber chicken abuse.” Check out the full review here.