Tenth Street Press, Do Not Feed The Clown
Burning Flower Press, Notes From The Bonfire
Burning Flower Press, Feast of Sapphires
Burning Flower Press, Butterflies Lost Within The Crooked Moonlight
Burning Flower Press, From The Fridge To The Crackerjack Box

Points In Case, Confessions of a Potted Plant
Robot Butt, Insensitivity Training at Dunkin’ Donuts
The Higgs-Weldon, Rejection Letters For Famous Authors
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New York’s Best Emerging Poets 2019, Birds Singing In My Chest
Spirit First Editor’s Choice Award 2018, If We Are Doomed
The Wire’s Dream, Hermit on the Subway
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Across The Margin, The Failure
The Rabbit Hole Vol. 5, Whose Pandemic Is It Anyway?
Beautiful Losers, Valley of Darkness
The Binnacle, The Visitation
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Medium, What “Joker” Tells Us About Comedy Today
The Art of Healing, The Benefits of Laughter (read here)
Medium, Structures And Functions of Subordination
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